Dr. Luisa M. Saavedra Löwenberger

Luisa is a Marine Biologist (2003) and Doctor in Oceanography (2012) from the University of Concepción. Since 2015, she joined the ECCA Lab carrying out her Fondecyt Postoctoral project related to the study of the natural variability of the carbonate system in an area suitable for bivalve culture, and evaluating the effect of the interaction between pH and marine pollutants on farmed molluscs.

She has continued investigating and working on projects related to the effect of climate change in the coastal zone, currently being the coordinator of a GEF / FAO project entitled “Basic local environmental monitoring program to improve the adaptation of the fisheries and aquaculture sector to the climate change in the coves: Riquelme, Tongoy, Coliumo and El Manzano-Hualaihué”. Through this project, she has increased her research experience linking science and society, which represents an important challenge to tackle climate change.

email: lu.saavedra07@gmail.com, lsaavedr@udec.cl

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