Dr. Andrés Mesas Palma

Andrés is an evolutionary biologist interested in studying the response of ectothermic organisms to environmental variability and anthropogenic factors. Dr. Mesas is a Marine Biologist and a Master of Science in Zoology from the Universidad de Concepción and a Doctor of Science in Ecology and Evolution from the Universidad Austral de Chile. His research has focused mainly on evaluating the response of tolerance to high temperatures of marine and terrestrial ectotherms in a context of global change.

Recently, Dr. Mesas has joined as a postdoctoral researcher at the IMO within the research line “Adaptations to an Ocean in Change”. His study will evaluate the effects of the change in the intensity of coastal ocean environmental variability occurring between winter and summer on the acclimation capacity of marine zooplankton.

email: andresmesasp@gmail.com

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