Graduate students

  • Dr. Valeska San MartinEnvironmental Sciences – Thesis: “Impact of multiple stressors associated with global Change on the socio-ecological systems of mussel aquaculture in southern Chile” (2018). At present (2020) is a postodoctoral researcher at Universidad Santo Tomás (UST).
  • Dr. Claudia PérezEnvironmental Sciences – Thesis: “Influence of the climatic regime and land uses in hydrographic basins of south-central Chile on the spatio-temporal variability of the contributions of nutrients and organic / inorganic carbon to the coastal zone: Effect on the carbonate system and calcifying organisms” (2014). At present researcher at the Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP).
  • Dr. Alejandra LafónEnvironmental Sciences – Thesis: “Carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes of carbon as tracers of sources and fate of organic matter in fjords of Patagonia” (2014). At present researcher at INCAR Center.
  • MSc. Rosario DíazOceanography – Thesis: “Effect of Ocean Acidification and Dissolved Cadmium Concentration on Larval Development in the mussels Mytilus chilensis” (2017).
  • MSc. David OpazoOceanography – Thesis: “Factors that determine zooplankton ingestion rates throughout Chile: An approach with meta-analysis” (2015). At present researcher at the Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP).