Postdoctoral Associates and Visiting Scientists

  • Dr. Natalia Osma. Fondecyt Postdoctoral Project. “Oceanographic and biogeochemical dynamics of carbon dioxide (pCO2) and oxygen (O2) in contrasting coastal ecosystems off Chile (DynOAH): Implication of the range and scales of environmental variability for planktonic organisms” (2019 – 2022). At present assistant professor Universidad de Antofagasta.
  • Dr. Paulina Aguayo. Fondecyt Postdoctoral Project. “Interactive effect of ocean acidification and natural low pH/high pCO2 waters on the nitrogen cycle at the oxygen minimum zone: Impact on microbial communities” (2017 – 2020).
  • Dr. Luisa M. Saavedra. Fondecyt Postdoctoral Project. “Impact of multiple stressors on the aquaculture of benthic resources of the Gulf of Arauco: relative importance of oceanographic and anthropogenic forcing” (2014 – 2017). At present research associate.
  • Dr. Diego Narvaez. MUSELS Millennium Nucleus Fellow. Physical oceanography in Shellfish Farming Areas (2015 – 2016). At present as assistant professor, Department of Oceanography, Universidad de Concepcion (
  • Dr. Bárbara Jacob. Fondecyt Postdoctoral Project. “Effects of ocean acidification on phytoplankton in coastal upwelling areas influenced by river discharges” (2012 – 2015). At present as resident researcher at the Research Center of Patagonian Ecosystems (CIEP) (
  • Dr. L. Antonio Cuevas. Fondecyt Postdoctoral Project. “Bottom Up vs. Top Down Control in Food Webs of Chilean Fjord Ecosystems: Basis for Understanding the Impact of Anthropogenic Stressors” (2011 – 2014). At present as Lab Manager at UdeC.
  • Dr. Victor Aguilera. Fondecyt Postdoc Project. “Geographical variation in salinity and in the carbonate system associated with climate change: responses in zooplankton life history traits” (2010 – 2013). At present as researcher at the Center for Advanced Studies in Arid Zones (CEAZA) (

Visiting Scientists

  • Till Czypionka. Visiting MSci student. “Role of mixotrophic nanoplankton in an estuary fjord system”. Syddansk Universitet, Denmark (2007). At present as associate researcher at the department of Biology, KU Luven University, Belgium (
  • Stephanie Mangan. Visiting graduate student, University of Exeter, United Kingdom. 
  • Celeste Sánchez-Noguera. Visiting as PhD Candidate, Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research, ZMT, Bremen, Germany & CIMAR, Universidad de Costa Rica. Pier2Peer Program “Hands-on Training and new experimental techniques for the establishment of an Ocean Acidification Joint-Program between Costa Rica and Chile” (2018). At present researcher at Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del mar y Limnología, Universidad de Costa Rica (