Dr. L. Antonio Cuevas

Dr. L. Antonio Cuevas is a Marine Biologist and Master in Oceanography from the University of Concepción.

In 2011, he completed his Ph.D. thesis at the University of Bergen in Norway, studying the control mechanisms on the bacterial growth in marine ecosystems using different approaches (microcosm, mesocosm and meta-analysis).

In Chile, he carried out his FONDECYT postdoctoral project, in which he studied the control mechanisms of pelagic trophic webs observing the entire fjord area of the Chilean Patagonia (42-55ºS). Since 2012 he has been part of our lab maintaining and running high-frequency coastal monitoring programs where work with high-resolution sensors (e.g. WQM, SeaFET, iSAMI-pH, Mini CO2, miniDO2T, HOBO pH) is essential, incorporating measurements of the carbonate system.

In addition, he has participated in numerous national and international research cruises, including mesocosm experiments in international projects (e.g. Ocean Certain, FP-7). His current research interests are focused on the study of changes in oceanographic variables and the carbonate system in coastal ecosystems, the implementation of monitoring systems, and the management and quality control of carbonate system data. In our group, Antonio is in charge of coordinating and managing the projects and activities of our laboratory as Lab Manager.

Outside the Lab, Antonio likes to stay outdoors running alone through hills and mountains and with his trail running friends.

e-mail: lcuevas@udec.cl, antoncuevas@gmail.com

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