SUBPESCA/MMA/GEF/FAO. 2019 – 2020.

The project implements a pilot monitoring program allowing fishermen, fish/mussel farmers, and relevant actors in 4 coves on the Chilean coast to understand the relevance of environmental variability on marine resources and productive activities.

The monitoring program implemented includes observations and activities in Caleta Riquelme (Tarapacá Region), Bahía Tongoy (Coquimbo Region), Caleta Coliumo (Biobio Region), and Caleta El Manzano (Los Lagos Region).

This program also allows the interaction between scientific knowledge and local-traditional knowledge that result from historical experience, a complementary element that must be considered for decision-making in production processes.

This basic local environmental monitoring of fishing and aquaculture variables will act as a prevision mechanism and forecasting to face climate change at the local level and to support the productive activities of developing coves.

Results, Products, and Videos.

  • Basic Local Environmental Monitoring Program (video)
  • Instructions for using the TidBit HOBO temperature sensor and HOBOMobile app (video)
  • AquaPlus Multi-Parameter Basic Use Instructions (video)
  • FAO y Centro-EULA. 2021. Manual para un sistema de monitoreo ambiental participativo, que mejore la capacidad de adaptación al cambio climático de las comunidades pesqueras y acuícolas en Chile. Santiago de Chile (pdf file)