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Millennium Institute of Coastal Socio-Ecology (SECOS)

As a laboratory we are happy and proud to be part of the new “Millennium Institute of Coastal Socio-Ecology (SECOS). In the new institute funded by the Millennium Scientific Initiative, Dr. Cristian Vargas, in charge of ECCALab UdeC, participates as one of the main researchers. This new institute will be focused on the sustainability of the coastal zone, through the study of socio-ecological units, where the impact of climate change, fisheries, and multiple stressors, such as microplastics, metals, pyrethroids, will be studied among many aspects. as well as global forces such as ocean acidification and ocean warming. The tools will include approaches from both the social sciences and the natural sciences (e.g. ocean observation, remote sensing, genomics, and experimentation, among others).

Check more in the note: https://vrid.udec.cl/?q=node/1460